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We design and print elegant stationery for every occasion, digitally, letterpressed, foiled or thermographed.  Our products are of the highest quality with a wide choice of paper and card.  Our lead in times are short and we pride ourselves in efficiency, value for money and attention to detail.  Our website shows only a sample of our work so we encourage you to get in touch and discuss your ideas with one of our consultants.  Every enquiry is processed manually.  Bespoke stationery doesn’t lend itself to being bought on line. We would rather you e-mail or phone so that we can spend time with you to discuss your specific requirements


 When Only A Letter Will Do!


It’s hard to imagine a time before Mobile Phones, the Internet, Email, Facebook and Twitter.  As a society we have embraced them all and the speed of communication that they brought to our lives.  We now live in a society where you can communicate not only to our nearest and dearest, but to the world in an instant.  But can you really imagine texting a heartfelt message of condolence, or emailing a Wedding Invitation?  I might be a romantic at heart but I feel rather sad that I don’t have a bundle of love letters, with a photo or two perhaps, or a ticket for a train or even a show, all tied together with a ribbon and hidden away in the back of a drawer. 

Equally magical are the boxes of photos that I am lucky enough to  have tucked away in a tin at the top of a wardrobe, there is something magical about old black and white prints or the early colour photographs.  Romantic texts and emails, as with the digital photos that we take on our iphones, cameras and ipads can be far too easily lost when we get an upgrade.  We forget to print out the digital images and a paper print out just isn’t the same.  There are thankfully still a few occasions where only a handwritten card or letter will do.  Personally I wouldn’t dream of sending an Invitation out on Facebook, surely the clatter or rattle of the letterbox is the best kind of announcement where amongst the computer generated junk mail and bills you spy a beautifully hand written envelope.  The first glimpse of the preparation and hours of decisions making that have gone into planning a Wedding.  It is the first hint of a colour scheme, the style and the feel of the day itself.   An invitation does, whether we choose to believe it or not, set the tone of your very special day!


Emma is the owner and designer of Hattieboo designs and creates all the art work by hand in her studio Call us to make an appointment to visit us in our studio on 01925 730710 or email hattieboodesigns@mac.com



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