Elegant Letters

These designs are based on layout, colour and typography!

This typography design is versatile enough to go with most looks!  Love the shades of peach, aubergine and burgundy together.

Sometimes all you need is the finest ribbon trim to really make a design look striking.

Black digital looks particularly striking against the bright neons used here.

The flower photos are taken from the March edition of Wedding Flowers and Accessories Magazine.

We love fonts at the Hattie Boo Studio and we the simplicity of these designs.

Mis-matched Cosy Brights are perfect for 2013 Weddings.

It is especially nice when we see our Brides after the Wedding.

This artwork is for a print using their Wedding Vows.  To be given as a truly romantic Valentine’s Gift!

This ‘Soon to Be’ Montage looks stunning in this vibrant royal blue.  We have also done this in a wonderful hot fiery orange too!

The right font and the correct weight can change an invitation from traditional very modern.

We couldn’t decide if this was more Creative Colours or Elegant Letters so we’ve added it to both sections!

Viva Las Vegas!

Designs can be easily tailored to your colourscheme and Wedding details.

A simple change of font can transform the look and mood of an Invitation!

Please call us at the studio and arrange to come in for a Consultation.